Galaxy Intruders Forever is the only spot across the internet delivering you one of a kind news that is based all around Aliens and beyond! If you believe that aliens are hundred percent real and have ideas that you would like to share with others, than this is the perfect place for you! Galaxy intruders allows everyone to discuss any topic of interest that revolves around space, universe, aliens etc.

Our main goal when creating Galaxy Intruders Forever was to allow everyone to talk about important topics that our government seems to keep so hidden. For those of you who know that aliens are in fact here and part of our earth, than you can securely and safely discuss why and how with others. We wanted to create a space that was safe for everyone and to never make anyone feel like an outsider. If you or someone you know has gone through or is currently going through abductions than we most definitely want to hear all about it.

Post in the blog section and share your stories and talk about the different types of aliens and their agendas. Finding outsiders who believe and have seen as much as you do, will make you feel like you are no longer alone. In this world, sometimes, you can seem like you are crazy when others do not believe your story. But we understand and so do the others that your story needs to be heard. There is more than what the government is allowing us to know and understand about our world today and we want answers.

Explore with us on Galaxy Intruders Forever to discover lost documents, bible verses, and answers sent from the aliens themselves that have been here all long and all we had to do was look. Let’s take advantage of the internet and learn and seek answers together!